Gluing Tape

Special two sided tubular gluing tape for installing TUFO tubulars on carbon or aluminium alloy rims. This tape is very different from all similar products on the market.

It has never been easier and faster to glue a tubular tyre. No waiting time for glue to dry. Activated surface of the gluing tape facilitates perfect adhesion of a tubular to a rim after a few meters of riding. No messy glue on rims, tubulars or hands, no harmful vapors.

Removable red backing strip makes centering of a tubular very easy.

Enough for one road (yellow) or one ATB (26", 27.5", 29") tubular.

Tape Residue Remover

For removal of gluing tape residue from a rim. Suitable for carbon and alloy rims.

Application with brush (provided).

300 ml

AL Valve Extensions

For high profile rims.

An advantage of this extensions is given by its position between the valve body and the valve itself. Protruding from the rim is the valve not the extension,  thus making inflation, tyre pressure adjustment or complete deflation very easy. As the extension is provided with an o-ring seal, no self deflation is possible.

Valve extension
21 / 28 / 31 mm (NB some lenghts available in silver only)

Valve Core

Replacement valve core with o-ring seal. 


Valve Key

For valve extensions and valve cores.


Tyre Sealant

Extreme Very highly effective product for repair of flats of all TUFO tyres. ONLY to be used after getting a puncture. Application through the valve stem or valve opening.

Supplied with: valve tool


Standard Product for repair of flats of all TUFO tyres. It can be used after getting a flat and also preventively when applied to the inside of the tyre before use. When a puncture occurs the sealant seals the puncture so the rider does not even detect getting a flat. It increases safety considerably, since fast loss of air does not occur and, consequently, rider's stability is not affected. Application through the valve stem.

Supplied with: valve tool


Either product contains 50 ml, for 1 to 3 repairs